Lets Talk About: Conversions

Aside from us wanting to monetize our talents and passions, let's be honest, the ultimate goal with any business is to make sales.  There is a lot of hard work that goes into starting and running a business. Most people not only want to reap the benefits by having customers purchase from their website, but also to on to become repeat customers.

So let's talk about...Conversions.

Conversion is the process of changing or causing something to change from one form to another. An example of this would be the process of "converting" anyone who visits your website to a buying customer.

There are several levels to the conversion process and we've listed a few below:

1. Being able to attract your target audience to your website. 

2. Exhibiting a visually stimulating experience to the site visitor in an effort to encourage them to browse.

3. Providing all key elements so that the site visitor becomes a paying customer.

The moment we mastered our marketing techniques and implemented all of the key elements of achieving high conversion rates to our site, we had our highest earning day of over $5,000. Our screenshot below shows our sales from just one day with the most expensive product being only $29.99 (this product was our "New Boutique Starter Kit").

Once we achieved this amazing accomplishment, we knew we had to share every step we took in order to leverage all available ways to bring awareness to our brand . As well as the effective methods we acted on to achieve such high conversion rates that we have been able to maintain.  

Our "Where To Attract Your Target Audience & How To Convert Them Into Paying Customers" Ebook  covers all of the key elements of achieving high conversion rates by attracting your ideal audience and then converting them into paying customers.

You can grab your ebook by clicking here.


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