MARKETING: Why live streaming is so important to you business


Going LIVE  on social media is often a very scary thing for business owners to do. But what if I told you that LIVE Streaming could INCREASE your ENGAGEMENT and SALES would you reconsider? Here are 3 reasons why going LIVE will help your business to grow:

1. Going LIVE on your social media platforms will allow your audience to get to know YOU and your PRODUCTS up close and personal.

2.  Incorporating video marketing is one of the latest trends to increase sales and should be incorporated into every campaign. It’s FREE advertisement so think of it as an extended commercial where you are able to show your tribe what you have to offer. LIVE Streaming allows your audience to engage with you directly, in real time, so be sure to use their attention to your advantage.

3.  LIVE Streaming will allow you to build the “know, like, trust” factor with your audience that will eventually result in sales!

Even if you start off initially with less than 10 people on your stream use it as practice and stay consistent so when you have over 1,000 eyes on your stream you handle it like a boss!!  Eventually, you will see your numbers grow so give it a try and be sure to let us know how it went below in the comments!


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