"Youve Got This!: Motivating The Boss In You"-Sandy Coffee (Digital Release)

"Youve Got This!: Motivating The Boss In You"-Sandy Coffee (Digital Release)

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 "You've Got This!: Motivating The Boss In You" by Sandy Coffee 

In 2016, I released my digital motivational book "You've Got This!" to "motivate the BOSS in you".  I'm beyond excited to announce the release of the revised DIGITAL copy that is now available $9.99.  So many people want to create their own business but may not have the courage to start or may not even know where to begin.  I wrote this book because once upon a time, I was that person.  "You've Got This!" will help encourage anyone who has a dream and is ready to take on the challenge of making it come true!

My revised copy will come with worksheets, checklists, & and so much more new information to get your New Year in gear!!  For those wanting to start a business and become an entrepreneur,  you will find my book extremely useful because it guides you step by step on how to really focus in on your vision so that you can map out your goals!  

According to Women's Forbes magazine, entrepreneurship "is a mindset not a business model".  So whether you know exactly what business you want to start or still don't have the slightest idea, "You've Got This", will mentally prepare you to execute the business of your dreams!!

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